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stock rpr  12A visit to Puerto Peñasco offers the exotic charms of a foreign locale within easy travelling distance of many U.S. locations. There is much more to see and do here than immediately meets the eye, so knowing a little about the sights and pleasures of the area will make your Rocky Point adventure even more enjoyable and exciting.

The people are friendly and many speak English, so communication is generally not a problem. In fact, quite a few Americans have moved there to retire or to open businesses, so you’re likely to feel about as “at home” as one can in another country.

The beautiful beaches, which stretch for 100 kilometers along the surrounding coastline, have long been a major attraction for tourists. The warm, sunny climate and the abundance of ocean wildlife add to the appeal of this seaside retreat. Swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, water skiing, parasailing, and other water sports can be enjoyed virtually all year long, not to mention the wonderful fishing!stock rpr  1
Had enough sun and surf? There’s lots more to do! Shopping in the Old Port area of Rocky Point offers sights, sounds and bargains to be savored. You’ll find everything from open-air stands to upscale boutiques featuring fine art, local craftsmanship, clothing, and furnishings from rustic to elegant. Stroll the Malecon, the closest street to the water, and browse the shops while pelicans soar above the shore of rocks for which the locale is named. Then wander up through the narrow streets and discover the welter of shopping opportunities that pepper the area.

You will notice lots of restaurants and eateries to choose from. These range in style from cantinas to dining establishments so Americanized they actually import some of their ingredients from the States. Prices generally are modest compared to what Americans are used to paying. Most places have bi-lingual menus. Step inside and check out the atmosphere, decor and available view. Somewhere in town is the perfect spot for your next meal.

stock rpr  19Puerto Peñasco is also a great jumping-off point for other nearby attractions. North of town is the eccentric, largely American community of Cholla Bay, south of town, numerous beachfront areas are worth a visit. Stop in and visit the local Aquarium, a small but ingeniously devised exhibit that’s a treat for adults and children alike. Not far from there is CEDO, the Intercultural Center for the study of Deserts and Oceans, a kind of natural history museum open to the public and offering a variety of tours, lectures, exhibits, and nature walks. For the more adventurous, the bizarre, volcano-formed cones and craters of the Sierra del Pinacate and the new visitors center, or the ocean wilderness of Bird Island, are all within day-trip distance of town.

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El Pinacate Biosphere reserve.