Covid 19 procedures

Dear Guest, before making an online reservation, please read this important information

Due to the control that the city of Puerto Peñasco has implemented to protect the health of our visitors as well as the residents, it is especially important to read this information before making your reservation online or by phone.

* There will NOT be allowed last minute reservations, same day reservations are Prohibited, since the name list has to be sent one day prior to check in, we cannot be making same day reservations, also the latest you can me a reservation for the next day will be 3pm.

For example:
If a guest calls (4pm) and wants to make a reservations for tomorrow,  we would offer him something for the day after tomorrow, because the list gets sent at 4pm, we cannot be modifying the list after sent.

*All guests need to provide their list of names at least 1 day prior to their arrival (before 3pm), it is much better if they provide this information while making their reservations in the comments section.

* If the guests decides to make any modification to his reservation (adding or removing someone from list) they need to inform RPR MEXICO so we can make modifications, this has to be notified at least 1 day before check in (before 3pm)

For more information visit or call us from U.S. 866-483-3379 or Mex 638-102-0240