RPR México

RPR México

Welcome to RPR Mexico!

Home of the Sonoran Sea Resort.

A visit to Puerto Peñasco offers the exotic charms of a foreign locale within easy travelling distance of many U.S. locations. There is much more to see and do here than immediately meets the eye, so knowing a little about the sights and pleasures of the area will make your Rocky Point adventure even more enjoyable and exciting.

The people are friendly and many speak English, so communication is generally not a problem. In fact, quite a few Americans have moved there to retire or to open businesses, so you’re likely to feel about as “at home” as one can in another country.

The beautiful beaches, which stretch for 100 kilometers along the surrounding coastline, have long been a major attraction for tourists. The warm, sunny climate and the abundance of ocean wildlife add to the appeal of this seaside retreat. Swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, water skiing, parasailing, and other water sports can be enjoyed virtually all year long, not to mention the wonderful fishing!

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